A new rugged camera by Olympus


Olympus have just released information about the new flagship to their “Rugged” range of cameras.  The TG-3 will retire the virtually indestructible TG-2 which is already well known for its waterproof, shockprof, freezeproof and crushproof properties. This sort of camera is perfect for anyone who wants to capture great images and video but, does not want to have to worry about damaging the camera.


The 16 mega pixel Style tough flies in the face of the traditional stereo types of armour plated cameras which tend to lack the features of its fragile brothers.  This little camera has some amazing featues which i am sure will get a lot of photographers interested such as the F/2.0 lens which is fast by any photographers standards (good for low light pictures).  There is also the ability to get location data and stream photos to computers, phones etc using the built in WIFI and GPS.

The WIFI connection will also allow to control the camera remotely which i cant think of a use for myself but, there will be loads of people who can make good use of this innovative feature. The list of unique properties is just awesome – One which caught my eye was the ability to go into microscope mode. Sounds really awesome! The mode will allow you to control the camera like you are really using a microscope which will allow you to zoom in up to 44.5x.

I really want to see this action! I imagine that a lot of photographers out there will be capturing some really nice macro images such as snow flakes and things like that.

So its a thumbs up for the Olympus TG-3. Release date is expected to be sometime around june 2014.


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