Australian researchers found easy & cheap way to create lens

Droplet Lens technology

Researches in Australia have developed a new way to create a lens. The technique uses small droplets of silicone which are then ‘baked’ on a tray – much like what you would do while baking cookies.

The idea came about when university researches looked into how water acted on flat surfaces which turned to be very much a like lens. The lenses that this method produces are very high quality because there are no extrusion techniques or moulds needed. The pure scientific phenomenon creates a perfect lens each and every time – pretty nifty right?

What is really amazing is the proclaimed manufacture cost of only 1 penny per lens which will open up doors in many other avenues where lens technology is needed. For example in Education, scientific research and medical work.

One example that Steve Lee from the Research School of Engineering at Australian National University gave us as an application is a Dermascope ( like microscope ). This tool usually costs around $500 to buy – by using the method of creating a Baked 3D scope which is then attached to a smart phone the price goes down to a whopping $2. Wide use of the Dermascope would lead to all sorts of advantages such as better control over animal diseases as farmers would have much better access to this kind of Technology.




In the future i am sure that we will see a wide spread use for camera phones as it will allow them to drive down the ever decreasing prices.

There is one set back however – The scientists have only been able to produce a lens with a diameter of around a half Inch. So don’t think that Canon are going to be producing 500mm telescopic lenses from this technology very soon! Either way if there are more advances in this tech then it could well be a reality very soon.


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