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I edit all of my images in Photoshop CC. The way that you purchase this software is VIA a monthly subscription of around £8 however there are some awesome programs that can do a great job editing photographs on-line at no coast at all. These websites provide an easy way to upload a picture and manipulate it.

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You don’t event need to register for account to use this on-line software.  Be funky has a versatile array of options for importing and image: from computer, Facebook, webcam, previous uploads to the site, Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa. If you have an internet connection you can be sure there will be no problems with importing images.

Here is a list of the main photo manipulation options that this website has:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • “Beautify” – really like this feature which allows you to improve colour saturation and contrast in a simple slider
  • Exposure – this gives you the option to change, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and fill light.
  • Colours – hue, saturation, temperature
  • Fully customisable sharpen settings
  • Fully customisable blur settings
  • RBG levels sliders
  • Soften – works really nicely for model shots.

Basically this website gives you a lot of tools for an on-line based editor. There are some very nice touch up tools and a wealth of pre-made filters. Saving an image is very simple and gives you the choice whether to save onto your computer or directly to a social network.

2 -

A screen shot of the website a free on-line photo editor which offers users a simple, low hasstle approach to on-line photo editing. It does not have some of the pre-sets you will find with other websites but will find things which are not on other websites such as curves, levels and clone options.

Here is a list of highlights from

  • Red eye removal
  • clone tool
  • airbrush
  • blemish fixer
  • levels
  • curves

3 –

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Pixlr is probably the most popular on-line Photoshop alternative on this list.  When you hit the homepage you will be presented with three different options: PIXLR Editor, PIXLR Express and PIXLR O-matic.

For general photo editing you want to choose the PIXLR editor. You will then be put into an editing suite that looks pretty much identical to Photoshop and has most of the features -this is probably why it is the most popular one out of all of them! Highly recommended.


4 –

Pic monkey website


Pic monkey offers most of the basic functions for editing photos in this list so it is not as strong on this front. Where it lacks in customisable functions however, it gains massively on its cool and unique “themed” effects. You can find these effects by clicking the apple at the bottom the menu along the left hand side of the editor.

Highlights of pic monkey:

  • nice set of clean up pre-sets
  • nice array of fonts
  • some really nice textures
  • cool themed effects

I have not seen a website like it beofre. I particularly like the zombie effects where you can make the subject look like a pretty convincing zombie. There loads more too and for that reason i highly recommend this awesome online editor.

So there you have it a list which should cover pretty much any photo editing that you would like to on-line. Please comment below


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