best new DSLR cameras of 2014

Canon EOS 5d mark 3

Looking to buy a new DSLR camera but not sure what to go for? Here is a list of some of the best that are available right now based on price and features.

Canon EOS 110D




Price: around £300 for the body only

In Canons own words “Advanced, compact and affordable: your first steps into the world of DSLR photography”. This camera body is for those of you who are on a budget but, still want a really high quality camera made by Canon.  This camera is equipped with:

  1. 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor for high resolution pictures.
  2. HD video recording from 25fps to 30fps
  3. ISO 100 – 6400

Pros: Produces very rich colours. Excellent auto focus using the eye piece.

Cons: Build quality is not highly durable due to it being made from plastic. The live view focusing is not very responsive

Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300


Price: Around £530 with 18-55mm lens

Nikon are one of the very best camera manufacturers. The D3000 is a lot of camera for the money. Here are some of the features that come with this solid body:

  1. excellent low light capability thanks to 100 – 12800 ISO
  2. 24.2 mega pixel sensor – super sharp images
  3. 5 fps continuous shooting
  4. 11 auto focus points
  5. vvery nice 1080p video recording capability.

Pros: of this camera: Low price for the number of features. Impressive picture resolution. 

Cons: No WIFI. Some noise issues at lower ISO settings.


Sony Alpha A58

Sony Alpha A58

Price: £340 with a kit lens

Sony have stormed into the camera market in the last ten years, each time releasing even more competitive models. The Sony Alpha is a great camera at an even greater price.  If you are looking for a good reliable body without having to buy a lens to go with it then this is probably your best bet at around the £300 mark.


  1. 20.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor
  2. 8FPS continuous shooting
  3. autofocus locks onto moving subjects
  4. 15 point auto focus system
  5. smooth full HD video

Pros: awesome autofocus system. Ergonomic body shape.  Great value

Cons: Plastic lens mount. Bad noise at high ISO.

Canon EOS 700D



Price:  £600 with 18 -55mm kit lens

This line up of Canon cameras tend to be very popular and for good reasons. The triple digit cameras by Canon are proven to be durable and reliable, the 700D being just the same. The make the Canon 700D a great all round, mid ranged camera.


  1. 18MP sensor
  2. 12,800 maximum ISO
  3. Vari angle LCD screen
  4. Touch screen

Pros:  Really nice adjustable LCD screen. Very nice video. Auto light optimiser. Fast Auto focus.

Cons: Not best suited to action photography; limited focus points.


Nikon D7100


Price: £830 for body only

The Nikon-D7100 is from an award winning camera series. The latest edition is packed with a huge number of great features that most others simply do not have. Probably the best value for a full – semi professional set up.


  1. 24 mega pixel sensor
  2. 51 point auto focus system
  3. fantastic build quality

Pros: Responsive, professional system.  Fantastic overall specifications.

Cons: Love or hate dials. High resolution images have aliasing issues when displayed on small monitor.

Canon EOS 5D mark III

Canon EOS 5d mark 3


Price: £2500 for body only

This camera is for the professional or serious enthusiast. The Canon EOS 5D mark III is packed with so many features it would be very arduous to list them all down – If you love photography or you need to rely on a camera for work purposes and you have the money to spend, then this is the camera for you!

Pros: Build quality next to none. Tones of features. Overall performance has been improved since the MK II

 Cons: body combined with purchasing lenses can be very expensive.



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