Cranage hall light paint (Strange update)


A first attempt at a wave effect. This is the Cranage hall building in Cheshire.

If you want to film ghosts then Cranage hall  probably a good place start.  for many centuries the carnage estate has pasted between hands – the Cranage hall has been around since at least the 16th century and the final construction as we see it today was completed in 1829. There have been some structural improvements since It was bought by the government in August 1932 by the “joint board for the mental defective” .The grade two listed building has two stories and a massive under running basement with wings added in the 1930′s. The building was once a mental health hospital which has since been close since 1981 and is now a successful hotel.


My friend worked there as a chef for a couple of years and when he went down to the the basement to pick up meat he would hear terrifying noises. he does not work there any more… when i told him that i was doing a light paint of the building he said that i would definitely catch something which i obviously thought wouldn’t happen.

In fact these pictures have been going around the internet for more than a month. just now i have noticed something weird that i have seen in the original frames:

To make the picture above i combined about 99 shots. This was No. 50 (there was no light painting until No. 66):


Original how it came out of the camera – look more closely:


Super rendered:



WTF is that?




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