Long exposure warning issued by Nikon for D810

Nikcon D810

Latest new from Nikon – After a ‘few reports’ (which probably means loads) from customers the Nikon D810 has been determined to produce a lot of bright spots in long-exposure photographs. This is only really noticeable in image that a taken within the setting of 1.2x (30×20) so on other settings you should be OK.

Its not clear how many models are affected but a spokesperson for Nikon has said that the necessary adjustments have been made to models leaving the factory from now on. You will know if your camera is one of the ones that have been adjusted because it will have a ‘black dot’ on the tripod socket.

A picture show where the black dot will be located on the Canona D810

For those of you have bought the camera before this problem has been resolved, you will have to get it serviced. The service will be free of charge at your nearest Nikon service centre.

The black dots are noticeable if you are taking pictures which are over 30 seconds of exposure, so you may decide not to get your camera serviced at all. Its highly recommended though.

If your would like to read the Article on Nikons website, you can do so here.


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