Lytro Illum: a camera that can change the focus after you have taken the photo

The Lytro Illum lens and body

There are not many more things that a photographer fears than blurry images. These may be a thing of the past in the near future thanks to new developments by camera manufacturer Lytro. The illum as claimed on there official website is no short of a new era in photography and I would say at the very least they are not far off the mark.

camera enthusiasts and professionals in the industry a like are being encouraged to pre order this camera Via there on-line store for $1,499. Not cheap and it will be shipped to you around august 2014, but when you hear about the new technology behind the hype you will be amazed – 2014 is going to be an exciting year for photography and lytro is at the forefront. Just as a note, on the website you will find some other perks for choosing to jump in at the deep end with this product; the most notable of which is the two year extended Manufacturers warranty.

Lytro Illum camera side angle

A look at the camera


Aside from the special introductory price tag, people who have owned a first generation lytro camera will also get 20% off there purchase which is a nice gesture of gratitude.

This mirror less cameras boasts some really nice features as well as some pretty average ones which all ad up to make it a tough little beast. i would like to predict that lytro illum will be gladly taken on-board by journalistic photographers who require a lightweight camera in tight situations. Weighing only 945 grams and featuring a sleek design it is certainly going to be one of the smaller up market models.

The Lytro Illum lens and body


Above all else people will want this camera because the way it “brings images to life” – this may sound a little far fetched but this does make perfect sense.  What the Camera does is take several pictures or different light layers in one “click” which can then be layered before the photograph is ever saved to the chip. The direction of light can be manipulated in pretty much any way. I guess you could say as a metaphor – this generation cameras has a two dimensional canvas and the Lytro Illum generation is the beginning of three dimensional. I really think the technology is that important.

Eric Chang. The director of photography shows us a taster of what the Illum will do. ( I am sure the new model is going to be a lot more advanced though).

The lens that you get on the new Illum is 8x optical 30-250mm equivalent lens and F/2.0 which is very nice. Lytro also say that it is all you need in just one lens. which i think says more about the target consumer more than the actaully turth because i know that i would want some different options. For every day use i think it is great though (maybe more options in the future?).

in theory the lytum illum just seems like the perfect and long awaited solution. This is for taking photographs that you could never recreate – this does not matter who you are everyone has moments that can’t be relived whether it is a wedding, family holiday or baby pictures we all want them to turn out fantastically. A camera like this is really like so something from science fiction.

i am really intrigued to see how well this new camera is going to do in the main consumer market and I certainly think that we are going to be hearing a lot more from the Ltyro company in the very near future – in fact the price of the pre order looks very intriguing to me so I am seriously thinking about getting it. I, like others I am procrastinating because it is such new technology and I have no idea if it will be right for me; nor does anyone for that matter.


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