New 1080p parrot bebop drone with a range of over 1 mile

new Parrot Bebop drone from the front

French company parrot are planning to release a new drone – the bebop. This is their most advanced drone to date and one of the best that is available to the consumer.  In fact this new drone could well be used by videographers to achieve nice Arial shots rather than hiring out temporary equipment or even helicopters (well maybe a little optimistic!).

The footage really does look very promising from the test:

The parrot bebop features a full 1080p on board camera. This has a 180 fish eye lens ( this only equates to around 93′ on this model) which allows nice wide angle shots of objects at short distances – with out any distortion. Capturing landscapes will of course be easy too.

Most enticing for photographers will be the new 14 mega pixel sensor which will produce ample quality photos. Don’t expect it to be anything like the $15,000  DSLR rig that our friend lost in the Amazon rain forest last month but, it should certainly be one of, if not the best on the market right now.

You can see a little camera shake on the demo video but, this is on a beach so in most other situations i imagine that there will be almost none. This is miles ahead of previous models and it is thanks to the new three axis stabilisation.

Another reason why this could become a part of your video arsenal is how it connects with your iphone; the latest 802.11ac MIMO technology, combined with four antennas allows you to take the Bebop to more than a mile away from the controller. A live video feed is displayed as you record is also featured on this device. Awesome!

It is not currently out yet so the price is yet to be confirmed.



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