New Panasonic Gh4 camera can focus in the dark – Challenges $20,000 video quality


Probably the best DSLR for low light focusing:

Like many of the new DSLR cameras coming out this year the new Panasonic Gh4 will feature 4k video and nice ISO capabilities. What has really got photography enthusiasts interested however is its capability to auto focus in the dark. As you will most likely know cameras these days are pretty useless at providing and auto focus feature in low light. Often you will have an annoying flash that keeps firing in an attempt to give the sensor some light – if you have an off camera flash you are pretty much screwed.

This new camera from Panasonic takes all of this problem away it seems. Peter Greg shows us a small boxing and demonstrates to the true capability of the focus.

$2000 GH4 video challenges $20,000 camera

people interested in using this camera for professional video work with the Panasonic GH4 will be amazed. Firstly you have almost impossibly good lens compatibility – both  canon, nickon and proper Cinema camera lenses can be fitted to GH4 which is simply awesome. The 4k resolution can be recorded at 24 FPS and is so good it has be put next to a $20,000 RED camera rig a looked better. Check out this video comparing it to the Canon 5D mark III in raw mode and Red epic. The results are pretty interesting:



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