Nikon coolpix p340 – compact camera which works great in low light


lowest Price £259 The nikon coolpix p340 is a small compact camera that will fit perfectly into your pocket. For such a small camera it is packed with some fantastic features which would have any professional photographer nodding in approval, in fact this camera is aimed at the enthusiast. This new coolpix camera is focused towards people who are serious about photography yet, it can be used by beginners who simply want to be able to get really nice images in any situation. I am sure that the lightweight design which only measures 103.0 x 58.3 x 32.0 mm will appeal greatly to people who want a low-profile camera.  The new model, the P340 looks identical to it predecessor, the P330 but the inner workings have been re-worked to ensure an even better specification. If you thinking about getting this camera, you have probably looked at getting, the Canon powershot, S120, Panasonic Lumix LX7 or the Olympus XZ-2. The new Nikon is smaller than all of these which is just what some of you are looking for in a quality camera – All of these cameras will fit into your pocket with ease though. Performance The performance nikon coolpix p340 is fantastic, especially when you consider the price tag of £269 – its one of the best out there for its category. The lens is one of the more significant new features on this camera. It features a 5x optical zoom which is focal rage of 24mm – 120mm which is not perfect but for everyday shooting the focal ranges will work great.  The best part about the  lens in my opinion is the maximum aperture which is f1.8. This Will improve the quality of your pictures as lower ISO will be used, this small body has Iso ranges similar to what you would find on professional DSRL; ranging from 80 to 12800. There is also a built in ND filter which is nice and certainly necessary when shooting at F1.8 in strong light. Here are some other really nice specs:

  • 1080p video with stereo sound
  • 3.0″ LCD monitor
  • built in WIFI
  • full set of manual controls
  • 10 fps picture rate
  • RAW mode available
  • “intelligent” auto focusing system which is rapid

You can connect to any WIFI enabled device and upload pictures to social networks etc.   Here is a sample of the video from Nikon’s website:     Here is a sample picture:   Nikon coolpix p340 sample picture Image credit: Thanks again Jin Lin A look at the camera: Looks great in white! The white Nikon coolpix p340 A view of the camera from above   Where to buy: Jessops £269 Digital Rev £259 UK Digital cameras £259   All in all if you want a cool looking, high performance camera that you do not need to carry in your hand then this is for you.


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