Photography Tutorials

tips for photographing the moon

Date posted: June 17, 2014

photographing the moon tips

The moon has been orbiting the earth for around 4.5 Billion years which is around the same time that the […]

How to run a Photoshop action

Date posted: June 13, 2014


In my previous article i posted 10 Photoshop actions that you can use to create quick effects in your images. […]

10 awesome & free photoshop actions

Date posted: June 12, 2014

list of ten free Photoshop actions

Here is a list of ten free Photoshop actions that will make your pictures look great! Photoshop actions save you […]

10 wedding photography tips

Date posted: June 9, 2014

wedding photography tips

Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful areas to get in to. You have all the hopes of […]

Tips for getting better photographs in bright light

Date posted: May 22, 2014

beach-flash sunlight

Photographing in bright light is the complete opposite challenge of shooting in low light. Its a rather different way of […]

DIY: Create cool effects by making a free Bokeh lens cover

Date posted: May 21, 2014


Today we are going to be making a custom Bokeh effect that pretty much costs nothing. Bokeh is a Japanese […]

10 sport photography tips

Date posted: May 13, 2014

Shutter priority mode

Here are ten sports photography tips that will help you get better results. Obviously every situation is going to be […]

Photography compostion tips

Date posted: April 16, 2014


Some people say that there are set rules to composition which is not entirely true. It all depends on what […]

How to create the Lomography effect in Photoshop

Date posted: April 14, 2014

lomography tutorial photoshop

Lomography is not only a type of camera manufacturer – it is a whole movement in photography which has been […]

Understanding ISO Aperture & Shutter speed: a beginners guide

Date posted: April 8, 2014

Beginners guide to shutter, aperture, shutter

If you have any experience in photography you will know that the three main factors which control an image are […]

Tutorial: The black & white film effect

Date posted: April 5, 2014

Finish old film look effect

In 2014 most of us use digital cameras which do not give a “film” look. Giving your photograph an old […]

Tutorial: How to create the Tilt shift effect in Photoshop

Date posted:


This tutorial will show you how to create a tilt shift camera effect in Photoshop. The proper way to do […]

How to “Stack” photographs in Photoshop

Date posted: April 2, 2014

Adobe bridge locating files

This tutorial will show you how to stack raw images using Photoshop and adobe bridge. this will be useful for […]

Tutorial: A guide to star trail photography

Date posted: March 30, 2014

Star trail Turtorial

Star trail tutorial So you have seen those pictures with stars trailing across the sky and you would like to […]