The Jodrell Bank radio telescope in Cheshire.

The Jodrell Bank radio telescope in Cheshire. view on Flickr

Road trails on the m6

Road Trails

Road trails are pretty common to be honest – that’s exactly why i had to get my own take on […]

F14A Tomcat

F14A Tomcat from Top Gun!

A photograph of an F14A Tomcat when i was in the states. If you have ever seen top Gun this […]

Light painting smoke effect on grass with star trails

Grass lights

This took a lot of light painting! Have to battle with incoming clouds which created a strange/desirable effect! Check it […]



Star trails next to a train track

Track trails

Frankie wainman belle Vue

Frankie Wainman Stock car

light galaxies

Light galaxies

First attempt.

Church at night - star trail

Church at night

    Check it out on flickr:


Cranage hall light paint (Strange update)

A first attempt at a wave effect. This is the Cranage hall building in Cheshire. If you want to film […]

A photograph of a bee on a flower.


John lund stock car No. 53 racing legend

53 John Lund – A stock car racing legend

If you have never heard of John Lund then you don’t know Stock car racing.

A star trail photograph with a power pole in the fore-ground

Power to the stars

Me and Dan decided to go out on a another night photography mission this January. When i say mission you […]

Tico belle war bird

“Tico Belle” – a hero

The C-47 Tico Belle is a massively historic plane and the only one of it’s kind in the world. This […]

Star trail with tree in foreground

Cold night in March

Star trail on a brutally cold night in March.