Sony Alpha a3500 now available

large photo of the sony a3500

The replacement for the a3000 – The Sony alpha a3500 is now on sale in Australia for $499(AUS). The camera is currently sold in a kit form which comes with the SEL1850 Lens. This lens offers 18mm-50mm magnification and a aperture range from f4.0-f5.6 which is pretty standard for cameras these days in terms of range. What i do not like the look of however is the very limited aperture range because you will struggle getting images in high light situations such as out doors on a sunny day. It looks like you will need an ND filter to go in your photo gear.

A look at the camera:


The new sony a3500

A view of from the sideA picture of the Sony a3500
















Here are some spec’s that the camera boasts:

  • Sensor – 20.1 mega pixels
  • Screen – fixed
  • resolution – 5456 x 3632
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • RAW shooting mode
  • hot shoe
  • 4fps continuous shooting

Looking at some of specs on the Sony website reveals there are not really any significant changes on this camera compared to its predecessor. If you were thinking about getting the a3000 now is the time because the features are not much different the price is likely to go to the near $350(AUS) mark. Second hand products will obviously be even cheaper. In fact on the Sony website has already lowered the price.

So if you are looking for a Sony E-mount camera the old model is your best bet.




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