Sonys’ new A7 range of cameras offer amazing ISO & 4K video

Sony A7s camera

One of the most limiting factors for amerature videographers is capturing video in low light. Sonys new range of high end cameras bring awesome ISO levels at 4K resolution. The new cameras which were announced the other week will feature a full frame sensor and the capability to achieve an ISO level of 400,000 before any serious grain ruins the images. This is amazing news for anyone who wants to record  video or shoot images in low light conditions – this is going to open a whole new creative window for photographers.


view of sony a7s camera


Sony have claimed on there website that these new sensors have the best dynamic range available for consumers. The sensor is 12 megapixel which is ample for taking high quality images. The main advantage of using this range of megapixel however will be in video as many DSLR’s have been plagued by over heating problems and ridiculous file sizes. With this new generation of sensor you will get relatively small files to work with which is good for people who to not have tens of terabytes of storage space available.

The significance of the high ISO is in low light recording as anyone who has photography experience will know.  To show you what i mean there is this youtube video which demonstrates how you can turn an almost pitch black scene into a light one.

On a camera with a range of say 100 – 12000 this images would certianly never get that bright and they would be extremely grainy. Basically worthless as you would struggle to get any of it out. This is great news because often you will find yourself with no lights available or you will simply not what to use them on the subject for various reasons. Either way you can not deny that this is going to be future of photography and i welcome it with open arms since i am a keen night photographer.

Sony A7s camera


To by the camera you will be looking to spend at least $1,600 without a lens. I am pretty sure that when competitors start releasing models with specs like these the price will drop pretty quickly – for the moment Sony is the king after they dropped this bomb shell.


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