Tumblr will start to scan your photographs to see what brands you like

1.8 Billion photos are shared on social media everyday.

Are you on Tumblr? Tumblr will soon start scanning the photographs that you upload onto your blog so that they can target marketing at you. The website Tumblr is one of the most popular sites on the internet with and alexa rank of 38 and 130 million photos are uploaded everyday. So as you can probably imagine there is a lot of interest in getting a hold of some semi-anonymous information from the people who use it.

Yahoo have, partnered with with a company called Ditto which is a product analysis company with the goal of providing companies with a whole bunch of information about their products on the internet. So what exactly is going to happen with Tumblr user data?..

Well to answer that i don’t really know exactly. The only Thing that’s clear is that the data can be picked up on any photograph; let say that you uploaded a photo with a starbucks cup anywhere in the frame. This will be recognised by the software and starbucks would be aware that your have bought their product before.

This presents a very powerful medium for companies to track demographics and other such data. Its terribly reminiscent of Microsoft’s venture which spectacularly failed last year. Thier product could scan your room and find out what you buy – it caused an uproar with potential buyers who threatened to go over to Sony’s playstation, so they scrapped it.

Are you happy about this?


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