What are the new camera features in iOS 8?


Apple announced its latest addiction of its iOS software, iOS 8 at its key note on monday. Among the many improvements to the lightweight operating  system there has been a great deal of new improvements added to the Camera. These include an array of the Camera modes and manual settings, similar to those that you would find on dedicated digital camera such as timers, manual focus and exposure. Developers will also have access to a lot more manual settings to improve their ability to create apps.


Apple plans to release the new iOS around the end of this year which may coincide with the release of its new flagship phone, the Iphone 6.  The new camera app will leverage what hardware the existing Iphone and Ipad models have, so features will not be restricted to the newer devices.

On the current version of iOS (7) users only have to option to lock the auto focus and exposure. This is OK, but these features are not even in the first party software currently so you have to get them through third part applications.

There is going to be a time lapse mode on iOS 8. Which as you all know will add the functionality of taking photos automatically on a timed interval that will then be rendered into a video. Users will be able to swipe left to initiate the time lapse mode – once you start recording you have the option to stop whenever you want, and then the video is made automatically for you.

The overall look is very similar:


For Ipad owners there will be the significant upgrade of being able to take panoramic images, a feature that was only available in the Iphone before.

Developers will be give a new tool in the form of Photokit. This application gives developers access to edit saved photos with the options to add special filters and other artistic changes. The significance of this is that users will be able to see all of this within iOS 8 rather than having to visit standalone titles. There are going to be around 4000 Application programming interfaces (API’s) upon release date that will have access to all of the deeper functionality of the camera: Manual focus, white balance, manual exposure, time lapse.


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