Why should you get into Photography?

Clouds and escapism

Getting into photography is easier now than it ever has been so now should be the time to start! There are loads of reasons as to why you should start but, mainly it is because it is plain awesome – Photography is an expression of what you want to show the world so the things you create can be endlessly different. If you are curious about getting into photography but, haven’t really had the push to go out and get a decent Camera then this list is for you.

1: Photography is a highly effective form of escapism.

Clouds and escapism

If you go out with the sole purpose of taking photos you are just focused on this and your day to day problems will be forgotten about.

2:  Document your family.

This is one of the most popular reasons as to why people become interested in photography. Sure you can take family photos without knowing anything about photography but wouldn’t you want the get the best photos possible?

3: You can be really creative when taking pictures.

Picture of a paint palette

Everyone needs the tool of a creative outlet and this is one of the best ways to do it.

4: Photography is a challenge that you can work on for you whole life.

There is nothing more satisfying that watching your photography skills develop over time.

5: Tell a story. Let people see the world from you point of view.

In your day to day life nobody really cares what you have to say but they will certainly pay close attention to a good photograph.

6: Make a documentary of it.

If you are planing a trip you can document it in stages and make all of your friends jealous. The better the imagery, the more jealous they will be :)

7: Be the centre of attention.

The internet is awash with social networks and your photos could be on the front page of them giving you an audience of millions from around the world.

8: Get Praise for your work.

There is nothing better than having people give feedback on your work. If you share photos on websites like 500px.com and  flickr.com and people like them you are surely going to get some comments!

9: Make friends who share the same passion.

Flickr is not only a place where people like your photos – it is also a great way to find friends! Users tend to be very friendly and are happy to share tip with each other so don’t be afraid if you a newbie.

10: Enjoy your photos with a loved one.

There is nothing better than sitting down and  reminiscing over old photographs with a loved one.

11: Give people enjoyment.

The thing that i love about sharing pictures is that it gives viewers pleasure.

12: Notice the finer details.

You will look at things differently and see the subtle things you would normally see which quite a beautiful thing really.

There loads more reasons to start this hobby out. Please leave a comment with your reason too.




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